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Maybe you haven't been to church in a while, or perhaps ever. Maybe you're worried about what you'll find, who you will meet or what to expect when visiting. That's okay. You don't have to have it all figured out, you might not be able to put what you're looking for, what's spurring your search or what you believe, into words. That's okay too.

We are all in different places in our faith exploration and we're figuring it out together. We believe that certain gifts from God help us hold tight when the going gets rough, especially the wisdom we find in scripture, the ways God feeds us in the Sacraments and the joy of going through good times and hard times with the comfort of community that is trying to practice a radical form of hospitality and welcome.  We believe that learning how to walk the walk through these acts of service is a great way to take your first steps into a whole new reality.

Sign inviting people to Holy Adventures with Good Shepherd and Faith on Foot
Little Lambs Early Learning Center

Serving 120 preschoolers from age 6 months to Pre-Kindergarteners. This Four Star center stands out for its high quality and creative curriculum.

In addition, our Kids Klub and Camp Frog provides amazing after school and Summer Camp programming for children in grades k-6.

Feeding Our Neighbors Team

There are so many ways to connect with your neighbors and share the abundance of food. We love connecting volunteers to:

  • Dismas House Dinners

  • Community Cupboard

  • The BROC Food Shelf

  • Farmer's Food Center Healthcare Shares

  • and Little Lambs Gardening Program

Little Lambs playground outdoor view


Coffee and pastry served at th Comfort Zone
Breaking Bread

Our Cooperative works together to host a FREE community meal on the last Thursday of each month at 60 Strongs Avenue, Rutland VT

Main Dish, bread, and beverages are provided

(Donations of side dishes, desserts, or chips welcome)

Breaking Bread is at 5:00 PM on the Last Thursday of each month

The Comfort Zone

This free community living room provides a safe place for people to get out of their apartments or off the street and into warmth or cooling. Volunteers are needed to share snacks, listen to guests and offer connections to vital community partners. When there is a weather emergency declaration in the city, the Comfort Zone will have expanded hours

Current Hours are Monday-Thursday 9 AM-12:00 PM

Located at 60 Strongs Avenue in Rutland, VT

Person making bread dough for Breaking Bread
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